Potchefstroom Uni Students with Maforga children

“Teams will go out from you to other parts of the country…there will be many streams flowing from you…you will be the base for many teams…you are a beach head for many teams to go out…” – we received many words and prophecies from people over the years that Maforga would be a place for teams. And indeed every year many teams come to Maforga and either spend time here or go to other places for actvities.

Sometimes there are as many as 400 people at a time between April and September, as this is our winter, and malaria is less of a problem.

Teams have taught sewing classes, trekked into the bush, built school classrooms, climbed mountains and led conferences and much more. Many report after their time here that it changed their lives, brought them closer to God and taught them leadership skills. They may have their own leaders or go out with team members from Maforga and usually they need translators to help so the Maforga children go with them as such. Portuguese is spoken so it’s a help if you learn a little before coming.

We believe short-term missions are important and often whet the appetite for further involvement in missions.