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“In Rebel Hands” and other issues

Dear Friends and Prayer Supporters,

Many thanks for the times you’ve read about and prayed for Maforga. We surely need prayer at this time.

We have some very difficult and momentous decisions to make.

There is a real shaking in progress. In the days during the war we used to say “The Crisis is running smoothly”, as those days were packed full of extreme challenges. This year seems to be one in which the shaking, which had been promised by the Lord in previous years, is definitely in progress. Jesus is in control of all things and we know it’s a time when we will be called upon to excercise faith such as we never have before. We thought the war in Mozambique was extreme – this is possibly even more.

Due to certain events there is a reshuffling of our team at Maforga. The department heads are working through how to find the way forward, and what the new structure will be. There is a lot of pain in this but as we hold onto the Lord for His wisdom in these decisions we believe everyone will be the better for it afterwards. It also feels as if the Lord has a new wineskin that He wants to birth in this place and to do it He needs all of us to humble ourselves and really be willing for big changes. These may begin by looking as though much has been lost or crushed, but we hold onto His promise that all things work for the good of them that love Him, and are called according to His promises.

Please pray for wisdom and that discouragement will be replaced by a new sense of Divine direction.


One of the new things that we are being challenged to step out and face is the issue of the book “In Rebel Hands.” We have the offer of buying a certain number of the books at a discount, but then we need to be able to sell a certain amount before two months are up. We know the situation with the recession is very difficult for the moment but we are confident that this book will help many people to trust in God through difficult times. He helps very ordinary people in very difficult situations and His resources are not limited by the current economic situation.

“In Rebel Hands” is the story of our captivity during the war in Mozambique and the beginnings of the Maforga Mission.

I include an excerpt from the statement sent to us from the publishers.

The options are as follows: the selling price of each book will be set at 10.95 British Pounds GBP. This means the cost to us, if we decide to buy these books, will be:

[up to 999 books at a 60% discount: 4.00 Pounds each
1000-2999 books at 65% discount: 3:85 each
3000-4999 books at 70% discount: 3.00 each
5000+ books at 75% discount: 2.75 each

Delivery is charged 45 Pounds per pallet to a UK domestic address. Delivery is of course considerably more to any other country. If it is international, we prefer the author to arrange delivery from our UK warehouse….

1000 books will require two fully laden pallets, estimating 16 books in each box, 35 boxes to each pallet.

Regarding payment, we always ask within 30 days of invoice. Printing is expensive, and we have only 30 days to pay the print bill, so we cannot give longer payment terms. If you ordered 3000 or more books, then I could say pay half after 30 days, and pay the other half after 90 days if that helps?]

As you can see, the risk and opportunities are before us. One way we could buy the books, is if our friends were willing to sponsor a certain amount each, or even help with the initial layout and receive a box or two of books to sell. All proceeds would go to Maforga Mission, and this would be a considerable help with our support.

One box of 16 books would have to be sold at 160.00 British pounds a box. We would need to sell around 90 boxes to pay the bill for the printing. After that, the rest could be sold more at leisure.

One option is just to leave it and let the publishers organise all sales, but then it would mean we only receive 6% of the price of each book.

Please pray for us thast we would make the right decision and let us know a.s.a.p. whether and how you are willing to help.

We already have storage for the books in South Africa and UK, and the import tax would be organized already by a friend. So those who feel they would like to help, please let us know in the next two days. They are waiting to print the book and need a response from us as soon as possible, and we have prayed and really feel the best thing would be to go for the 5,000 books option. However, we would be grateful for some help with this. We are praying about doing speaking tours in the UK. and several friends there are willing to help.

We ask you to really pray about this and help us by letting us know as quickly as possible what your decision would be.

May you be blessed as you continue in the Lord.

Love from Roy and Trish at Maforga.